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Connecting your Arduino to the cloud can be a tough job.

First, you need to implement communication protocols like REST, Websocket or MQTT.

Additionally, you need to lean server-side coding such as node.js which is totally different from the Arduino language.

It means that you must learn many complicated things before you get to start a project.

Jumpwire.io does all the complicated things for you.

If you use jumpwire.io, you don't need to set up a server or implement communication protocols.

Jumpwire.io provides a server with a built-in web interface which connects your Arduino to the Cloud via WiFi in a few easy steps. It also comes with the useful Arduino library.

With Jumpire.io, all you need is your own Arduino code.

Supported Hardware

  • Arduino Uno and compatibles
    (No need for expensive Yún)
    + ESP8266 WiFi module with AT farmware
    (It's only ~$7.)
  • ESP8266 with Arduino IDE
Other hardware will be supported in the future.

Usage examples

  • Control / monitor devices over the Internet
  • Send signal from website to your device
  • Realtime M2M messaging
  • Data logging
  • Easy connection to Google Fusion Tables
  • Email API

It's Free

Since it's free, you can spend more on your Arduino devices.

* Free version is limited to 5 projects.

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