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Connect your Arduino to the cloud in 5 minutes,

And make your IoT project succeed.

Connecting Arduino to the cloud is a hard job.

You have to implement communication protocols like REST, Websocket, MQTT and so on.

Also, you need server side coding, such as node.js or something.

These are very far from Arduino programming and you should learn many complicated things.

Jumpwire.io does all the complicated things.

If you use jumpwire.io, you don't need to setup your server, or implementing communication protocols.

Jumpwire.io provides a server with web interface and useful Arduino library which let your Arduino connected to the Cloud via WiFi. 

So You can focus on your own Arduino coding.

Supported Hardware

  • Arduino Uno and compatibles 
    (No need for expensive Yún)

  • ESP8266 WiFi module
    (It's very cheap, ~$7)

Other hardware will be supported in the future. 

Usage examples

  • Control / monitor devices over the Internet
  • Send signal from website to your device
  • Realtime M2M messaging
  • Data logging

It's Free

Since it's free, you can put all of your budget into your device.

* Free version is limited to 5 projects.

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