I had the pleasure of speaking with Cole Grolmus from Strategy of Security about data in the cloud, and how the virtualization of network and storage shifts security concerns to the application layer. Cole brings a great perspective as someone who is exploring how data security is evolving for the cloud era, and the discussion covers a lot of topics. Click through to the article to learn about

  • Data encryption in the cloud: How the age-old problem of data security changes when data moves to the cloud.
  • Emerging solutions for data encryption: Comparing new approaches to data encryption.
  • How JumpWire works: A deeper dive into how JumpWire helps companies implement data encryption on their existing data architecture.
  • Doing data classification and enforcement on the fly: How the approach to data security differs when you can do data classification and enforcement on the fly.
  • Approaches for implementing data encryption: Things to think about and nasty ‘gotchas’ when implementing data encryption.
  • Why companies implement data encryption: A quick, anecdotal exploration into why people implement data encryption.
  • Why data encryption is ready for mass adoption: Overcoming some long-held fears and philosophical concerns about encryption.

It’s a good read, enjoy - https://strategyofsecurity.com/an-interview-with-ryan-cooke-about-jumpwire-and-data-encryption/

Servers are dead
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