About JumpWire

We are innovators

Data security is lacking innovation that has transformed cloud software
Large volumes of personal data are being mishandled, and leaks are increasing at a frightening rate
We don't blame the builders, there simply aren't good tools for securing data

We are engineers with a passion for security

We believe the best security is transparent to software, like HTTPS in a browser
Complexity in security becomes a cost paid by engineers who are responsible for building, or a liability created by employees trying to work around hard-to-use tools
Collectively we've built software from the ground up at startups and to scale for millions at the biggest tech companies

About our Founders

These are people who are devoted to making JumpWire extra good

  • Ryan Cooke

    Ryan Cooke


    Ryan has spent his career working in startups, with a passion for creating innovative technology products. Many of these products are built on distributed architectures with complex data transformation between systems. JumpWire is designed to solve many of those challenges. Ryan remains an avid coder, and particularly enjoys building teams aside software.

  • William Huba

    William Huba


    William is an engineer and co-founder of JumpWire. He greatly enjoys working with distributed systems to solve problems (and create new ones). He’s been working with Elixir since 2015 and loves helping people dive deeply into the Elixir ecosystem.