JumpWire is the simplest way to protect your sensitive data

We scale from hobbyists to Fortune 500s and everything in between.



Try JumpWire in your stack with unlimited usage

  • No credit card or payment information needed

  • 30 day trial

  • All features available, unlimited clients and databases

  • SSO login through Google or GitHub

  • Self-hosted Docker container for running the JumpWire engine


per DB or API
per month

Secure all of the data across your team's stack

  • Email support

  • Audit access to sensitive information

  • Engine hosted in a specified cloud region or self-hosted

  • Secret management integrations

  • 5 Metadata KV Stores

  • Bring-your-own-keys (BYOK)



Enforce best practices for your entire company

  • Premium support

  • Custom databases

  • Custom integrations

  • Custom SLAs

  • Self-hosted API and frontend

Questions & Answers

How does the pricing scale?
For the Team plan, pricing is based on the number of databases or APIs being proxied. There are not physical servers - a DB cluster of many replicas is billed as a single proxy. Likewise, a group of API endpoints that are all described together through a single Swagger or GraphQL spec are considered one proxy.
How are keys handled?
We generate unique encryption keys for every account and store them in a secure secrets manager. Subkeys are routinely created and rotated from the master key. For additional security, we support user provided keys on our Team and Enterprise plan.
What control do I have over my data?
Full! You can host the JumpWire engine yourself, ensuring that all key management and data handling happens on your network. Alternatively, you can configure the cloud provider and region for us to host the engine.
What data is sent from the engine?
The JumpWire engine sends telemetry data, licensing, and usage information back to the API. The hosted control plane maintains information about which proxies and policies are configured but does not keep credentials for the proxies. Only the engine ever sees raw data or encryption keys.
I need more predictable billing. Is an annual, credit-based, billing option available?
If you are interested in an annual plan or prepaid bill, contact us.
Can you support this weird protocol we implemented in the 80s?
Probably, we love weird protocols. Contact us and we'll take a look!