JumpWire fills security gaps in modern data systems

Controlling access to production data systems is critical to keeping sensitive data out of the hands of malicious actors. Yet popular databases don't natively support strong security controls around access and storage.

Access data without risk

Manage access to production databases with JumpWire and eliminate persistent access for developers to systems with sensitive data.

Create automatic and manual workflows for responding to requests in real-time, based on role privileges and classification of data needed to complete a task.

Log into private databases using SSO
Short duration sessions expire after set time
Privileges restrict access to sensitive data based on roles
Request approval
Data transformation
Tokenize data at request-time

Transform sensitive data fields with application-level encryption and masking.

Ensure that customer PII stays secure across its entire lifecycle, from the time of collection, in-use and disposal.

Automatically identify sensitive properties in requests
Transform properties based on identity of caller
Apply transformations consistent with handling policies
Route data between regions

Seamlessly manage data split between databases to store users' personal information in specific regions that correspond to their residency.

Lookup data with a single query, fetching specific fields from separate databases using anonymous identifiers at request time.

Partition data across databases without altering application code
Control which applications and tools can resolve PII
Comply with data residency laws requiring jurisdictional storage
Request approval

Audit Everything

Get full visibility into all query activity. Export results into an observability platform or SIEM. Audit log entries contain detailed metadata for the entire session, including:

Number of records returned or modified by queries
Labels and classification of data accessed
Attempts to query data without approved access
Audit logs in JumpWire