Just-In-Time Database Access

Grant limited access to production databases on-demand

Managing access to production databases with JumpWire eliminates the need for developers to have persistent access to systems with sensitive data.

Create automatic and manual workflows for responding to requests in real-time, based on role privileges and classification of data needed to complete a task.

Approval flow

Take a peek at JIT Auth in action

Access only when needed

Stop granting individual, persistent authentication credentials to developers for production PostgreSQL databases. JumpWire's JIT workflow can create short duration sessions for developers to only access the data they need when they need it.

Limited time
Sessions will be automatically terminated after a set period of time, and authentication is revoked at the database level.
Granular access
Requests contain the permissions needed to complete the intended task. Grant read/write access to individual tables or columns.
Hide sensitive data
Allow access to a database while restricting the ability to read customer PII and other sensitive data.
Request approval

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Define defaults for automatic approval

Create rules to automate certain cases of access requests. This eliminates the need for a manager to respond if the request complies with pre-approved access patterns.

Read only
Requests that only need to read public data from internal databases can be automatically approved.
Labels and tables
JumpWire's data labeling and classification system lets you set consistent policies based on data sensitivity. When you need exceptions, explicit table permissioning is also available.
Role-based identity
Rules can combine the data to be accessed with the role of the requester for RBAC support.
Label based rules

Integrations that get out of your way

JumpWire hooks into your existing stack for seamless experience. Pull data from your existing identify providers, send metrics and logs to your observability platform, and get notifications the same place all your other notifications go.

SSO based roles
Synchronize users and roles directly from your SSO provider. SAML, GCP IAM, and AWS IAM are all supported.
Slack integration
Forward requests to a Slack channel or individual admins to easily respond without interrupting other work.
Standardized metrics
Both operational and audit related data can be accessed using standard formats. Keep track of your operations in Prometheus and push your compliance data to Vanta or Drata.
Slack approval

Audit Everything

Get full visibility into the query activity per session. Export results or pipe logs into an observability platform or SIEM. Audit log entries contain detailed metadata for the entire session, including:

Number of records returned or modified by queries
Labels and classification of data accessed
Attempts to query data beyond approved access
Audit logs in JumpWire
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