The JumpWire Platform

Modern data security without running additional infrastructure. JumpWire Cloud seamlessly connects your team and services to your data anywhere in the world.

Defense In Depth

Build Faster, Better, Stronger

JumpWire Cloud can be integrated with your services or workflows in minutes. As a fully managed service, you get automations that provide high reliability, reducing operational risk and letting your team focus on what matters.

Full Control At Your Fingertips

JumpWire Cloud comes with with a web interface for monitoring and configuring your cluster. Keep track of requests for elevated privileges, configure data handling policies, and quickly view audit logs from the comfort of your browser.

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Any Where, Any Time, Any Cloud

A JumpWire Cloud cluster can be provisioned in most regions across Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. VPC network peering is also available to ensure end-to-end secure communication.

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Audit Everything

Get full visibility into the query activity per session. Export results or pipe logs into an observability platform or SIEM. Audit log entries contain detailed metadata for the entire session, including access of labeled data and policies that were applied to requests and responses.

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Modernize your data security

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