Easily secure your sensitive data with no code changes

Does security keep you up at night?
JumpWire is the only self-hosted platform that doesn't require your data to be migrated into vaults or enclaves.

Self-hosted engine
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Storing data is easy. Securing it is hard.

Data at rest is at risk
Storing sensitive information as plaintext in databases puts your organization at risk for unintentional or malicious data leaks.
Access controls fail
Attack vectors increasingly target compromised accounts to gain access to internal systems and steal data.
Segregation adds complexity
Deploying a data vault or secure enclave forces you to split up your data infrastructure, conceding ownership and scalability.

JumpWire transforms your existing infrastructure by encrypting sensitive data in place. Our policy engine ensures that data is only decrypted when requested by authorized integrations or tools.

Secure your data in under 10 minutes

It's ridiculously easy to get started with JumpWire today. Register, run our container, and quickly secure your most valuable asset - your data.

Deploy container
Easily run our policy engine as a container on your private network
Docker Helm
$ docker run --name jumpwire --rm \
  -e "JUMPWIRE_DOMAIN=localhost" \

Database Support

JumpWire supports the world's most popular databases,
and all frameworks/drivers through protocol-level integration

Since JumpWire proxies database requests instead of needing a custom library or SaaS silo, integrating takes just minutes instead of days.

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL/MariaDB

  • AWS DynamoDB (beta)

  • AWS S3 (alpha)

  • Field encryption, tokenization, masking and redaction

  • Audit record access by field or query

  • Schema discovery and auto labeling

  • Fully-reversible data migrations to encrypt/decrypt in place

  • SSL support

Transparent Field Encryption

Use JumpWire to encrypt customer PII
API backends don't need special code
you can focus on building the best app.
JumpWire Overview
Without JumpWire
With JumpWire
// Setup Sequelize ORM
const { Sequelize } = require('sequelize');
const sequelize = new Sequelize(process.env.POSTGRESQL_URL);

const express = require("express");
const app = express();

// Setup KMS client
const aws = require("aws-sdk");
const kms = new aws.KMS({ region: process.env.AWS_REGION });
const KeyId = process.env.KMS_KEY_ID;

// Encrypt function using KMS
async function encryptValue(value) {
  const Plaintext = Buffer.from(value);
  const result = await kms.encrypt({ KeyId, Plaintext }).promise();
  return result.CiphertextBlob;

// API endpoint to create new customer account
app.post("/new-account", async (req, res) => {
  const encFirstname = await encryptValue(req.body.first_name);
  const encLastname = await encryptValue(req.body.last_name);
  const encSSN = await encryptValue(req.body.ssn);

  const jane = await Account.create( {
    firstName: encFirstname,
    lastName: encLastname,
    ssn: encSSN,
    status: req.body.status



Geo-replication query routing

Use JumpWire to lookup customer PII
Automatically fetch data from different regions.
Let JumpWire handle data residency
JumpWire Overview

What people say about JumpWire

  • “In No Code mode, JumpWire allows you to add a layer of encryption completely painlessly. This is genius”

    CEO, Dev Tools Co.
  • “This is nicely straight forward… I’ve never seen anything quite like this”

    Dir. of Engineering, Payments Co.
  • “JumpWire doesn’t tell me the house is on fire, you help extinguish it”

    Security Lead
  • “A very elegant solution, and I mean that as a compliment”

    CISO, Fintech
  • “At rest encryption is the big win”

    VP of Engineering, Fintech
  • “Security often has an all-or-nothing approach, but JumpWire focuses on what we can secure today”

    Dir. of Security Engineering, Retail

On-premise deployment

JumpWire deploys into your cloud environment so data never needs to leave your network. No external dependencies are needed, improving both the reliability and security of your system architecture.

On-premise deployment


Want to see more? Check out JumpWire in action below, or go signup to try it yourself.

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If maintaining complex access rules keeps you up at night, JumpWire can help!