“Engineering leaders can intentionally craft an Information Security Program that serves as an operational manual for how the entire organization adopts best practices around security, and more importantly, how they interface with the engineering team”

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This white paper explores the strategic and operational advantages of using a System and Organization Controls (SOC2) audit as a catalyst to define and optimize the best practices for how a company should operate. It shifts the perspective of a SOC2 as a check-the-box task list to a transformational event that promotes an engineering mindset of documentation, measurement, anticipation, and preparation across the entire organization.

It is written for engineering leaders who have not created an Information Security Program or gone through a SOC2 audit before. Ideally this is happening during the early stages of a startup company, when engineering leaders are responsible for more than just code and can influence the operational aspects of their company. Regardless of the company stage, the implementation of security controls gives technical staff an opportunity to get involved.