“Demystifying SOC2 for Engineers”

Turn your database into a data vault

Mitigate the risk of data leaks by locking down your data.
JumpWire's database gateway ensures that only authorized users and apps can access sensitive data.

Storing data is easy. Securing it is hard.

Data breaches are growing more costly each year. The leading cause of breach is compromised credentials, which means attackers are coming from inside the house.


Avg cost of data breach for U.S. company 1


% of breaches involved data stored in cloud


% caused by stolen credentials or bugs


% of breaches resulting in stolen customer PII

Why JumpWire?

Stop making compromises between access to data and security.
JumpWire provides advanced security features that integrate seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure.
Gain full control over how data is accessed and used by every employee and application.

Group Access Screenshot

Fortifies security and access

JumpWire delivers robust capabilities for protecting your data. With features like data access approvals, encryption, audit logs, and more - JumpWire ensures your data is only available to those who need it and no one else.

Operates in your environment

JumpWire wraps your data in powerful protection right where it is - in your current databases, not 3rd-party vaults or enclaves. It operates seamlessly with existing applications and tools without the need to integrate APIs or change code.

Free and open source software

JumpWire is committed to being an open source project. Both the source code and product are developed fully in the open. This guarantees that you keep total control of your data without having to trust a 3rd party vendor.

Protect your data with JumpWire, and let your team focus on building and maintaining the applications that drive your business.

JumpWire's Capabilities

JumpWire is bringing database security into the 21st century:

  • Privileged access management

    Replace static passwords with SSO

    Map privileges to employee roles, and other attributes such as on-call status.

  • Content-aware rules

    Operate on data confidentiality.

    Policies enforce rules based on the confidentiality of data, not database schemas.

  • Field-level security

    Protect data with field-level encryption.

    Prevent specific data (like credit card numbers) from ever being read as plain text.

  • Enforced query filters

    Ensure all queries contain filter clauses.

    Provide guardrails for queries generated by third-party software and LLMs.

  • Query execution control

    Block queries without authorization to data.

    Modify data that should not be handled as plain text, by masking or tokenizing fields.

  • Transparent data routing

    Store partial datasets in specific regions.

    Join data across multiple database regions in a single request to comply with residency laws.

  • Complete observability

    Full visibility into queries across environments.

    Trace the identity of the client executing the query, as well as the confidentiality of the data being handled.

It's so easy to get started.

JumpWire has been architected to protect your data without code changes, external libraries or 3rd-party data stores. It literally deploys in 2 minutes.



JumpWire is deployed with a single command in Docker or Helm.

docker run --name jumpwire -rm \ -e "JUMPWIRE_TOKEN=$%^#*&" \-e "JUMPWIRE_DOMAIN=localhost" \ghcr.io/extragoodlabs/jumpwire


Connect the policy engine to your data stores.

Database proxy
host: localhost:6432
database: storefront
username: 34499dbb-f6fb-4b17-8ecb-7f1922a38733
password: zZyYxX


Confirm the policies generated from your schema.

Suggested labels
  • first_name
    is this pii ?
  • last_name
    is this pii ?
  • password
    is this secret ?
  • email
    is this sensitive ?
Open source · No code changes · Deploys in minutes
JumpWire Founders
Founder photos Combinator '22

Built by security-obsessed data people for data people everyone.

We refined JumpWire as part of the YCombinator class of winter ‘22. Now, we’re a growing team, helping anyone responsible for data security to sleep at night.

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